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    We're not talking about boas, belts, or see-through purses! When you're in need of a casino party you don't have to settle for just plain everyday Craps -- or Blackjack or Roulette, for that matter! Accessorize your party and make it COME ALIVE with the touches that transform a room full of casino tables into Las Vegas in your backyard!

    How about games like "Let it Ride," "Caribbean Stud," "Mini Craps" or "3 Card Poker"? Some groups enjoy single or double deck "21" while others delight in a game out of a shoe.  Do you care for double odds on Craps, or is 10 times or 100 times odds more your speed? 

    "How to" game cards help both new and advanced players get a grip on Blackjack basic strategy, or odds of winning at Craps or Roulette.

    Don't hassle with counting out chips to your guests at the front door, and don't settle for baggies of chips either -- tres gauche! Check out Fantasy Casino's specialized scrip -- paper funny money that fits the theme of your event, whether it's a Western BBQ, an elegant French Monte Carlo night, or a Swing-time back room club!  Why not create your own scrip with your VIP's picture -- instead of some dead president's?  And, most everything is available at no extra cost -- so accessorize it!


Check out our offering of Table Games!

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